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Childcare Services

We specialise in SEN children as well as mainstream Childcare.

Wrap Around Childcare

AM and PM around core school times which includes transport to and from school. Breakfast preparation, and evening meal preparation.

Full Nanny Service

Providing all aspects of Childcare, domestic, laundry, nursery tidying, meal preparation, personal care and help with homework.

Nanny Share

Gives you the option to share Childcare and nannying costs with your family and friends, whether it is in your home, or in the home of your chosen nanny share family or friend.

Maternity Nanny

If you are expecting your first child or are a more experienced parent looking forward to number two, three or four, then there is nothing better than the support and reassurance of a knowledgeable and caring maternity nurse or nanny. A maternity nurse or nanny can help with the sleep deprivation that comes with new motherhood. If you're planning on returning to work, an experienced maternity nurse or nanny can watch your baby/babies until he, she or they are ready for daycare.

Night Nanny

Our night nannies provide specialist and dedicated support throughout the night, until the following morning. Our night nurses/nannies can help you establish routines and sleeping patterns, help with feeding (breast and bottle). Assist with health issues, such as colic, and are generally a pillar of support that you know you can rely on.

Emergency Cover

If you are in need of emergency, one off cover then we can provide the right solution for you.

School Escort/Passenger Assistants

Not all parents have the opportunity to transport their children to school or college. This is delivered, through qualified, vetted carers. Whilst some local councils provide this service, it can be limited, in shared transport using different PA's which can be distressing for SEN children and young people. We guarantee two familiar PA's/Escorts giving you peace of mind.


Including one off babysits, regular babysitting with the same familiar faces wherever possible. We believe familiarity is the key to success in all our services. In addition we offer sleepovers and waking nights.


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