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Adult & Geriatric Care Services

We understand your loved one's safety is paramount. That's why we go to great lengths to ensure their carer is someone the whole family can trust. We will match a carer based on the needs and personality. The right care can transform lives.

To those who simply need companionship to those with complex needs. More often than not, more and more families are choosing to care for their elderly family members at home. This can be more affordable than you think. Whether it is just multi regular visits throughout the day, or blocked hours to be covered. In addition, we can provide respite care, or even accompany you on holiday with your loved one.

Elderly Care

All our services include basic cleaning and household duties. Pet feeding and even dog walking where possible. All our services are domiciliary, this gives us opportunity to multitask, thus providing those little extras that really count. Personalised care planning, plus daily diary. Continued support throughout all our contracts. Two familiar carers so sickness and holidays are covered. Continuity of familiarity is primary to all our services.

Geratic Care

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